After years of battling with my weight and body image I decided to change my life forever.

I educated myself on how to effectively improve my health, build my fitness level and nurture my overall well-being. I learned it is as much of a mindset shift as it is about fitness and exercise. As I tested each of these theories, I learned what works well and what doesn’t. I continued to educate myself to further refine my skills. My only client for 6 of those years was myself. Most importantly I achieved my goals.

I went from overweight and out of shape, to participating in a fitness competition, running competitively and racing triathlon and most importantly opening my fitness and coaching business.

I hold certification’s in Personal Training and Nutrition and Weight Loss Coaching which I continually advance my knowledge of. I also hold a university degree in Psychology and a post graduate diploma in Human Resources .

But what I’m most proud of is graduating top of my class in “The Fitness and Weight Loss School” of hard knocks. If I can do it, then so can you. Believe in yourself and JUST START.

My proprietary programs are focused on anyone who wants to get in better shape or has tried in the past. Maybe they didn’t achieve their fitness and weight loss goals, and just need to try and start again.

But this time it will work, you will achieve your goals, you will see success, I ask you to simply make the first step – the commitment to start.

If you do, I will be by your side, every step of your journey, with programming that I know works. Because I’m doing it too. Just Start!

I’m here for you. Trish


Mom, fitness coach, wellness expert, TV personality, motivational speaker, nutritionist.



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